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A Unique Coffee Cup Advertising Program


The JAVATIZE coffee cup distribution network is comprised of strategically selected  retailers, businesses and other distribution channels. Coffee cups are given free to anyone in the network, who can work closely with JAVATIZE allowing our advertisers to target their market efficiently and effectively. Go to our FREE COFFEE CUP page to learn more about obtaining free coffee cups

By using the JAVATIZE distribution network, we can pinpoint your marketing by placing your custom printed coffee cups strategically, geographically,and quantitatively across Long Island. JAVATIZE creatively builds a coffee cup advertising program that meets your budget effectively. Visit our ADVERTISING page for more information on our coffee cup advertising program.​

JAVATIZE is an advertising program that is exciting, effective and cost efficient using a non traditional medium that Long Island uses everyday.... a paper coffee cup. Coffee is second only to water as the most consumed beverage on the planet. JAVATIZE combines java and advertising allowing you to deliver your message in a very unique way. Whether you want to brand your business, create name recognition, deliver a unique message, offer discounts, coupons or special events and promotions, JAVATIZE can penetrate the masses of Long Island