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A Unique Coffee Cup Advertising Program

Javatize is a unique coffee cup advertising program that offers advertisers a non-traditional way to reach potential customers in places that are considered ad-free and can be integrated with traditional media to drive home your message.

Javatize can customize your coffee cups whether you have art work or not. Research has shown that every coffee cup sold is seen by an average of six other people. Our team of graphic artists can creatively design a cup that stands out from everyday distractions and helps build a visual top of mind awareness. We include your logo, add a special message, direct traffic to a special event or even put a trackable coupon on your cup. Javatize uses sturdy, quality cups made in the USA!

From your input, Javatize will qualify each advertising program based on your specific needs. We can efficiently target your potential customers in more than one way. You can reach a geographic region, determine the duration of your campaign or target a specific number of coffee consumers. Javatize works closely with many distributors who have been selected based on our clients needs.

The Javatize coffee cup program can enhance any marketing mix. As a mini-billboard a Javatize coffee cup program can add the visual to a non-visual campaign. Javatizers can create brand image, strengthen a company's awareness, drive traffic and promote a special occassion or event and can even include a QR code. Right from their smart phone, QR codes can direct consumers to your website, have a special message delivered, create a unique trackable coupon or have the recipient get a pre-written text they can forward back to you with their information.

Javatize can also create added value by including you on our website offering additional web presence. Javatize offers you the ability to penetrate your target market unlike other mediums. Coffee cups are everywhere and high visibility ultimately creates new leads. New leads are the heart & soul of any business growth. Javatize can grow your business as you step out of the box!

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