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A Unique Coffee Cup Advertising Program

  • Javatize is a new, unique coffee cup advertising program that is both cost-efficient and very effective. Political candidates place their messages on our coffee cups and we ensure that those cups are heavily distributed in a custom geographic region.​
  • Javatize has many distribution points throughout Long Island, including the coffee trucks and coffee shops at LIRR stations.
  • A Javatize advertising campaign can strengthen your appearances by continuing to deliver your message on all coffee cups sold at every LIRR station even after you've moved on to another locations. Investing in a Javatize ad campaign can put your candidates in the hands of thousands of potential voters and minimize your physical
  • Javatize can even include a scannable QR code which can direct a potential voter toyour websites, where they can learn more about you as a candidate and where you canoffer compelling reasons why you should get their vote.
  • Be Where Your Political Opponent Isn’t!
  • Should you decide to go forward with this campaign, you have our assurances thatwe WILL NOT offer our services to your competitors!
  • Coffee Cups are guaranteed to be seen. The same CAN NOT be said for every piece of campaign literature handed out.
Brand your Campaign in a whole new way!